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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arboretum Walk- Native Sun Garden

Our weekly Wednesday walk takes us to the Maryland Native Sun Garden at the Research Greenhouse. The sun garden displays grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees that thrive with a minimum of supplemental watering and fertilizers. The plants in the garden are grown on campus by the volunteer-supported Chesapeake Natives, from seed collected throughout Maryland, and are locally adapted to provide food and shelter for wildlife such as migratory birds, insect pollinators, frogs and turtles. The garden is use to document, research and teach about growing and propagating Maryland native plants and increase public environmental literacy for a sustainable future. {Will appear in FYI on Jul 18, 2011
Start Time:
8:00 AM
End Time:
8:45 AM
Research Greenhouse near Comcast Center and the Chesapeake Building
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Other Contact Information:
Karen A Petroff Facilities Management +1 301 405 3320

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