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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

College Success Initiative (CSI)

The College Success Initiative (CSI) is sponsored by the Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement and Urban Education (MIMAUE). CSI promotes college retention, persistence, and graduation by serving as a resource portal to UMCP undergraduate minority students (freshman and sophomores), who are Pell Grant and/or Work Study eligible. If you need a personal network to success, this program is for YOU!!! Through CSI, students will receive: *Academic Support and Mentoring *Goal Development Skills *Resume Writing and Professional Networking skills *Money Management and Budgeting Skills *$250 stipend/ per semester to support college expenses In addition to opportunities for potential CSI participants, we are currently seeking and accepting applications for: *Peer Mentors (juniors and seniors) *Academic Support Leaders (seniors and graduate students)
Web Address:
Other Contact Information:
Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser, CSI Program Coordinator 301-405-2591

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