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Monday, October 10, 2011

Beyond the Classroom presents "The Take"

In the wake of Argentina's spectacular economic collapse in late 2001, Latin America's most prosperous middle class finds itself in a ghost town of abandoned factories and mass unemployment. Workers take over idle factories in the aftermath of the collapse of Argentina's economy following the country's default of its debt to the International Monetary Fund. But this simple act has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head. The Take enables viewers to learn first-hand about the lives of the workers and their families, who must fight for their jobs and their dignity by confronting factory owners, politicians and judges. A suspenseful, cautionary tale universal in its implications  Los Angeles Times Eye-opening, possibility-widening!  New York Newsday BTC Series on "Beyond the Financial Crisis" {Will appear in FYI on Oct 6, 2011
Start Time:
7:00 PM
End Time:
9:00 PM
1102 South Campus Commons, Building 1
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Dr. James V. Riker Beyond the Classroom +1 301 314 6622

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