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Monday, October 24, 2011

Embedded, Constructed, Resistant: How do we talk about Jews in The Roman Empire?

The third through the seventh centuries were formative for types of Judaism that survived into the modern era. In addition, for this period Rabbinic literature provides some of the best evidence for a coherent minority culture in both the Roman or Sasanian empires. After some general framing of the problem of how to understand Jews in antiquity, with special emphasis on the Roman empire, we will examine a few texts from the Palestinian Talmud (the Yerushalmi) that reflect on the presence of the Roman empire in their day-to-day world. Hayim Lapin is a Professor of History and the Robert H. Smith Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Maryland. Much of his work has been on the social and cultural history of the rabbinic movement in Palestine. This presentation draws on a book forthcoming from Oxford University Press. {Will appear in FYI on Oct 19, 2011
Start Time:
12:30 PM
End Time:
2:00 PM
0142 Holzapfel Hall
JWST Seminar Room/light refreshments served
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Debra Ann Kirsch The Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies +1 301 405 4975
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