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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Discrimination against Hindus in Malaysia

Background In November 2007, HINDRAF organised a mammoth rally of 50,000 Hindus in peaceful protest against the Malaysian government for its mistreatment and marginalization of Indians. The Malaysian security forces responded brutally, and Waytha Moorthy was jailed, along with hundreds of other protesters. He has been living in exile in London since the Malaysian government revoked his passport. Though HINDRAF was banned, it continues to raise various human rights issues including calling for the end to demolitions of Hindu temples, advocating for the rights of Hindu mothers and fathers to raise their children as Hindus when one of the parents converts to Islam, advocating for educational rights, jobs and economic opportunities for Malaysian Hindus because Malaysia's policies favor the Muslim Malay majority, and an end to police brutality against Hindus. Waytha Moorthy's presentation is being organized by Sanatana Satsang {Will appear in FYI on Nov 8, 2011
Start Time:
7:30 PM
End Time:
9:00 PM
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Biology - Psychology
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Sanatana Satsang Sanatana Satsang

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