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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CSCAMM Seminar: Dr. Clemens Heitzinger - PDE Models for Nanowire Bio- and Gas Sensors including Stochastic Effects

We have developed PDE models for the quantitative understanding of nanowire bio- and gas sensors. We have also developed a new parallel algorithm for the numerical solution of the drift-diffusion-Poisson system. In both bio- and gas sensors, several stochastic effects occur. We have obtained an existence and uniqueness result for a diffusion equation. Numerical results are compared with measurements. Furthermore, a nonlinear elliptic stochastic equation is discussed. Using these results, we have performed simulations and have found the optimal operating regime by optimizing device parameters. Different surface models are used for gas sensors and results from their simulation are presented. {Will appear in FYI on Nov 16, 2011
Start Time:
2:00 PM
End Time:
3:00 PM
Common Location Name:
Computer Science Instructional Center
Web Address:
Other Contact Information:
Debra Glapion CSCAMM +1 301 405 0652

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