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Friday, February 24, 2012

UMD Grad History Conference

Free on campus conference The UMD History Graduate Student Association holds its Graduate History Conference on Friday, February 24 from 10:00 to 5:10 in Taliaferro. This event features graduate students from many schools presenting original research on a variety of historical topics. It also features keynote speaker Professor Stephanie McCurry of the University of Pennsylvania, a specialist in Civil War and antebellum history. 1. Identities in Conflict (10:00-11:30 TLF 2108) 2. Between Government and the Governed (10:00-11:30 TLF 2110) 3. Playing with Gender is Serious Business (11:40-1:10 TLF 2108) 4. Space, Place, and Colonial Structures (11:40-1:10 TLF 2110) 4. Transnational Science (3:40-5:10 TLF 2108) 5. Race, Relief, and Development in the South (3:40-5:10 TLF 2110) Keynote Speech at 2:00 {Will appear in FYI on Feb 4, 2012
Start Time:
10:00 AM
End Time:
5:15 PM
2108 and 2110
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