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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MITH Digital Dialogue: Craig Saper, "\R\e\a\d/i/n/g/ as a Publishing Practice"

Digital Humanities research has found increased funding and job opportunities, and it has become a center piece of efforts to raise the rankings and profile of universities seeking the highest Carnegie Research status. It also has a blossoming industry that includes text analytics widely used in national security studies. Sapers presentation for MITHs Digital Dialogues will look at four of his major digital humanities projects  two online and two just starting  on read/i/n/g/ as a publishing practice and potential strategic alliances among the campuses on the university of Maryland system. Craig Saper, Ph.D, is on the faculty of the Language, Literacy, & Culture multi-disciplinary doctoral program at UMBC, and has published widely, and in multimodal formats, on the digital humanities. He is the author of Intimate Bureaucracies (2012), Networked Art (2001) and Artificial Mythologies (1997). {Will appear in FYI on Mar 26, 2012
Start Time:
12:30 PM
End Time:
1:45 PM
MITH Conference Room
Common Location Name:
McKeldin Library
Web Address:
Other Contact Information:
Emma M Millon +1 301 405 9887

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