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Monday, April 30, 2012

Beyond the Classroom presents "The Occupy Movement: What Does It Mean for Social Change?"

Panel includes: Rooj Alwazir, Community Organizer with Occupy Our Homes D.C. Kevin Zeese, Co-Director of Its Your Economy. James V. Riker, Director, Beyond the Classroom. Inspired by popular uprisings in the Arab Spring and Europe, a few thousand people converged on Zuccotti Park in New York City on September 17, 2011 that launched a national, and then international, movement to seek a more democratically accountable and equitable future in the wake of the global economic crisis. Targeting the role of Wall Street banks and large corporations and government leaders in contributing to greater wealth and income inequality, the Occupy movement of popular protests grew to over 1,500 cities word wide. What are the goals of the Occupy movement? How has this movement contributed to constructive social change? Finally, what are the lessons for effective strategies for people power today? Join us for a stimulating panel on the potential and challenges of the Occupy movement! {Will appear in FYI on Apr 24, 2012
Start Time:
7:00 PM
End Time:
9:00 PM
1102 South Campus Commons, Building 1
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Dr. James V. Riker Beyond the Classroom +1 301 314 6622

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