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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM: Understand Genomic Networks through Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics

In this talk, Michelle Girvan, UMD, will discuss two research projects that leverage a network perspective in order to gain insights into complex biological systems. The first project focuses on how network methods can help us better interpret the vast quantities of raw data that must be integrated for whole-genome sequencing. Our work utilizes insights from the observation that a key element of the genome assembly problem is similar to that of finding the ground state of a spin glass, but with a previously unconsidered connection topology for which a network perpective is applicable. The second project explores how the dynamics of genetic control in living organisms depends upon the elaborate network of interactions between genes. Our work shows how simple mathematical models can help elucidate the role of network structure in gene regulation. Full abstract, at: {Will appear in FYI on Sep 4, 2012
Start Time:
4:00 PM
End Time:
5:00 PM
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Other Contact Information:
Carole Cuaresma Kiger +1 301 405 5945

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