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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CSCAMM Seminar - Prof. Elias Balaras - Dissecting mechanical hemolysis using direct numerical simulations of whole blood

Mechanical hemolysis is a critical element in the design of cardiovascular devices where abnormal, disturbed flow patterns are often unavoidable. A characteristic example is that of ventricular assist devices (VAD), which are used to treat more than 50000 patients with ailing hearts in the US alone. Today, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are increasingly used to optimize the hydrodynamic performance of biomedical devices, such as VADs, but improvements on blood damage and blood aggregation characteristics is hampered by the lack of predictive mechanical hemolysis and thrombosis models... {Will appear in FYI on Oct 3, 2012
Start Time:
2:00 PM
End Time:
3:00 PM
Common Location Name:
Computer Science Instructional Center
Web Address:
Other Contact Information:
Ann Ekechukwu CSCAMM +1 301 405 0652

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