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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MITH Digital Dialogue: Hayim Lapin, "A Digital Edition of A Classical Hebrew Text: The Digital Mishnah Project"

How does one create a digital edition of a classical text, and what do we learn from it? The Mishnah is in many ways a foundational text for contemporary Jews, and continues to be part of the curriculum of formal and informal study. A legal compendium of about 200 AD/CE , the Mishnah is also significant for understanding late-second-century Jews in Palestine. Yet no critical edition of the text exists. The Digital Mishnah Project aims to produce a born-digital edition that will take into account the full array of manuscript and other evidence, and automate the process of comparing variant readings and assessing the relationships between manuscripts. The presentation will feature a demo, followed by a discussion of some of preliminary observations. {Will appear in FYI on Dec 3, 2012
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12:30 PM
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1:45 PM
MITH Conference Room
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