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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beyond the Classroom presents the documentary, "Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization"

In 2006 Rafael Correa was elected president of Ecuador. An educated economist, he came to politics with a mission to transform a country struggling under poverty and debt into a self-sufficient, social, independent, ecological and participative democracy. From the Yasuni Initiative, where the country would no longer rely on exploiting their natural oil resources, to the analyzing of the IMF debt structure, he has giving Ecuadorians genuine reason to believe that a new type of government is possible. This film is part of the series "Beyond Sustainable Development" sponsored by the Beyond the Classroom Living & Learning Program. {Will appear in FYI on Feb 8, 2013
Start Time:
6:30 PM
End Time:
8:30 PM
South Campus Commons, Building 1
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Other Contact Information:
Krista Corrine Heiner Beyond the Classroom +1 301 314 9860

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