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Monday, May 6, 2013

Scaffolding Genomics Learning for Undergraduates by Susan Singer, Carleton College and NSF

Susans career integrates science and education research. In this seminar, she will share her research and experience in reforming science teaching in the undergraduate level. At Carleton and Vassar, Susan and colleagues are integrating wet labs and in silico labs to scaffold student research experiences connected to climate change and the biology of the prairie plant Chamaecrista and the anemone Aiptasia, respectively. Whole transcriptome sequencing can provide undergraduates with large data sets forming a foundation for authentic research experiences in the context of a teaching lab. Susan will describe how they assess student learning outcomes using multiple assessment tools. {Will appear in FYI on Apr 22, 2013
Start Time:
3:00 PM
End Time:
4:30 PM
Common Location Name:
Biology - Psychology
Web Address:
Other Contact Information:
Gili Ad-Marbach +1 301 405 2075

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