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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project Plowshare - Cold War Atomics to expand the Panama Canal

Please join us to hear Dr. Christine Keiner and discuss her paper; request the paper by emailing "Re-Engineering the Panama Canal: Atomic Earthmoving, Interoceanic Ecology, and U.S.-Panamanian Geopolitics from the Cold War to the Present" Christine Keiner, Dept. of Science, Technology & Society/Public Policy, Rochester Institute of Technology This is our opportunity to support Dr. Keiner's evolving scholarship and learn about another fascinating Cold War story. In case Project Plowshare is new for some, please check out this video All are welcome. {Will appear in FYI on Apr 30, 2013
Start Time:
4:30 PM
End Time:
6:00 PM
Refreshments at 4:00pm
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Other Contact Information:
Betsy Mendelsohn STS Programs & MCHOTSE +1 301 405 0527
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