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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stamp Renovation

Several of our units are moving. Starting July 2 the Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center of Campus Life, will be in the midst of a renovation. Areas affected include MICA, Graduate Student Suite, Off Campus Housing, Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Copy Services, and Engagement, LCSL. Copy Services has moved to RM. 1239 Stamp and is open for business. Off Campus Housing is re-locating to RM. 0232 and hopes to be opened by July 10. MICA, the GSL, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Engagement, and LCSL will temporarily move to Holzapfel Hall on July 2. Fraternity & Sorority Life will return to RM. 0221 in September. Other offices listed will come home to Stamp in mid-October. All contact info will remain the same. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience but are confident the results will even better serve our campus. {Will appear in FYI on Jul 3, 2013
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Stamp Student Union
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