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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hebrew In The Crucible Israel Zangwill's The Melting Pot

Although Israel Zangwill's play "The Melting Pot" popularized America as a fusion of ethnicities, languages, and religions, little attention is paid to language in the dramatization of this idea, in particular the representation of Hebrew and Yiddish. I will discuss the linguistic dimension of the play in its historical and social context and examine how the representation of sound and image challenge prevailing ideas of the melting pot from a Jewish American perspective. Professor Hana Wirth-Nesher occupies the Samuel and Perry Haber Chair on the Study of the Jewish Experience in the United States at Tel Aviv University. {Will appear in FYI on Sep 23, 2013
Start Time:
12:30 PM
End Time:
2:00 PM
3105 Susquehanna hall
(inside International Affairs, room 301)
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Web Address:
Other Contact Information:
Debra Ann Kirsch The Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies +1 301 405 4975

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