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Monday, October 28, 2013

MPRC Seminar: His Gain, Her Pain? The Motherhood Penalty and the Fatherhood Premium Within Coresidential Couples

Speaker: Alexandra Killewald, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Harvard University About the Talk: Studies based on single-sex models document a substantial motherhood wage penalty and a smaller fatherhood premium. These results tell us little about how the labor costs of parenthood operate within couples  a crucial limitation given that most American children are born to couples. Specialization theory suggests that spouses are making tradeoffs, with highly-specialized couples receiving both a large motherhood penalty and a large fatherhood premium and less specialized couples experiencing smaller changes for each spouse. Overall, we find little evidence that the fatherhood premium for contemporary American men comes at the expense of the motherhood penalty. {Will appear in FYI on Oct 24, 2013
Start Time:
12:00 PM
End Time:
1:00 PM
Cole Student Activities Building
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Tiffany L Pittman MPRC +1 301 405 6403

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