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January 2, 2014

Walk the Labyrinth as a Moving Meditation

Solvitur ambulando  It is solved by walking.  often attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo Seeking a new practice for the new year? For centuries, and across many belief systems, individuals have discovered regular walking of a Labyrinth to be a transformative meditative tool. Try this out for yourself by walking the Labyrinth at the Garden of Reflection and Remembrance adjacent to the Memorial Chapel. "Let go as you enter the Labyrinth, let in as you stand or sit at the center, then let out as you walk out back into the world. The Labyrinth is available throughout the day for a private walk; each month, programs introducing the Labyrinth take place. {Will appear in FYI on Jan 2, 2014
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Garden of Reflection and Remembrance
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Memorial Chapel
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Denise McHugh Memorial Chapel +1 301 314 9893

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