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Monday, February 3, 2014

Beyond the Classroom presents "Inequality for All"

A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, "Inequality for All" features Robert Reich -- professor, best-selling author, and former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton -- as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy. The film is an intimate portrait of a man whose lifelong goal remains protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. Through his singular perspective, Reich explains how the massive consolidation of wealth by a precious few threatens the viability of the American workforce and the foundation of democracy itself. In this "Inconvenient Truth" for the economy, Reich uses humor and a wide array of facts to explain how the issue of economic inequality affects each and everyone on of us! "We make the rules of the economy -- and we have the power to change those rules." -- Robert Reich. Winner, Sundance Film Festival, Special Grand Jury Prize, 2013. Spring 2014 Series on "People Power" {Will appear in FYI on Jan 29, 2014
Start Time:
7:00 PM
End Time:
9:00 PM
1102 South Campus Commons, Building 1
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Dr. James V. Riker Beyond the Classroom +1 301 314 6622

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