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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Invited talk by John Baugh: Linguistic Profiling and the Law -- February 27, 3:30pm

John Baugh describes some of the ways in which cases of linguistic discrimination intersects with a combination of legal considerations regarding expert evidence and testimony pertaining to litigation related to civil and criminal violations of the law. The evidence is derived from a combination of linguistic research, devoted primarily to analyses of dialect diversity and language attitudes, combined with instances of discrimination in housing, education, and employment in the United States. Whereas the courts are well equipped to address cases of racial profiling based on face-to-face encounters, matters regarding ear-witness testimony have proved to be quite challenging in the absence of any visual cues. The presentation offers some suggestions regarding ways in which linguists can assist attorneys who take on cases of linguistic profiling where allegations of discrimination are derived from telephone conversations and perceptions derived from hearing someone, sight unseen. {Will appear in FYI on Feb 3, 2014
Start Time:
3:30 PM
End Time:
5:30 PM
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Other Contact Information:
Bedrettin Yazan +1 301 405 3324

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