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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arboretum Outreach: Campus Watershed and Stormwater Management

Ever wondered about how our campus watershed relates to the greater Chesapeake Bay watershed? Come hear Michael Carmichael, our campus Coordinator of Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance talk about the purposes and types of stormwater management facilities on campus. Along the way, he will describe the importance of managing storm water, aquifer and watershed health, and how the stormwater management facilities on campus help improve and maintain water quality. He will also get into the nitty gritty of the structure of the various facilities on campus, including their construction, function, and appropriate application (why we choose the type of facility for each location). {Will appear in FYI on Mar 11, 2014
Start Time:
12:00 PM
End Time:
12:45 PM
Arboretum Outreach Center at the Apiary
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Other Contact Information:
Karen A Petroff Facilities Management +1 301 405 8952

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