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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MPRC Seminar: Big Bad Racists, Subtle Prejudice and Minority Victims: An Agent-Based Model of the Dynamics

Speaker: Quincy Stewart, Associate Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University About the Talk: How many racists does it take to maintain racial inequality? Historical evidence from the Jim Crow era suggests one needs a large number of racist advocates in various social arenas. More recent social scientific research, however, cites a significant decline in racist beliefs that have not been paralleled by declines in racial inequality. Hence, the strong hypothesized connection between racist attitudes and racial inequality was erroneous. {Will appear in FYI on May 5, 2014
Start Time:
3:30 PM
End Time:
4:30 PM
Cole Student Activities Buildign
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Other Contact Information:
Tiffany L. Pittman MPRC 301-405-6403

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